100% Online Company

We are a 100% online company. All our team members work from home or in the client’s premises.

Coaching For Profits

We believe every investment should have a positive outcome, and in business, the positive outcome should be profit because profits provide choices.

Open And Transparent

We believe in transparency, and we hold nothing back. We expect our clients to do the same so we can help them better.


We understand that everyone has a different need, and we expect to have to adapt our coaching style and systems to specific businesses or client so we can serve them better.

Meet Paulo Alcobia

Welcome! I’m Paulo Alcobia.
I started my first business in 1999 as a sole trader repairing and selling electronic weight scales used in retail shops and factories while I still had a job as an electronics engineer. Soon the business started to demand more of me, and I had to leave the job and work full time on my business.

A few years later, I started a limited company to grow the business, and it worked. We had an excellent team of five, and we were now selling other products and services and on track to make our first million. But soon enough, we bumped into the 2008 economic crisis, and everything changed. Two of our main customers went bankrupt, we had projects that didn’t get paid, and we found ourselves owing €250k of operating capital to the bank.

Those were hard times, working for more than two years to pay the bank and letting good people go. But it taught me an invaluable lesson. I should not rely on one a single business or a single market. So I did what I knew best I started another company, and with the lesson in mind, I tried to make it fail-proof, and it paid off. In less than two years, I could sell my part of the business for a reasonable amount and use it to start more businesses.

Today, seventeen businesses later, I experienced many situations: I had to close some business projects going nowhere and sold three businesses that were doing well and still have some. I also learned how to solve many business problems and my business success increased to the point where most companies I start now do very well from the beginning.

I always liked to help others, and soon, around 2003, I started coaching friends with small businesses to help them with what I learned. Finally, the word got out, and I got my first medium business coaching client. And I realised I was into something. I enjoy coaching business people and decided to come out of my own business, hire a manager to replace me and do coaching full time.
I’ve been very fortunate to work with so many fantastic business people that expanded my knowledge and level of opportunity and some that became my business partners.

Now I dedicate part of my life to creating training that teaches entrepreneurs all my best business systems, marketing, sales and the creation of assets. You can find it all here and at https://uni.pauloalcobia.com

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