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Use Chat-GPT to turn a testimonial in a compelling story to use in you marketing pieces

In marketing stories matter and in this post you will learn how easy it is to let Chat-GPT turn a testimonial in a compelling story to use in you marketing pieces.

This is an example of the power of a complex prompt where you give Chat-GPT enough information to do something in one go.

You don’t even have to be grammatically correct to achieve good results. Just type as you go about running the story in your mind and write down the facts as they come to your mind. this reduces the steps from about five to one or two.

Step 1 – Tell Chat-GPT to write a story and what happened.

Me: Write a story about how I Paulo Alcobia an experienced business coach helped my client Mark a Plumber, to take his business from being a sole trader doing everything in his business to being the best plumbing company in Cambridge with more than 20 plumbers in the team and additional 5 team members doing all the rest to run the business and getting to a turnover of 12 million pounds a year in less that 3 years. Which allowed Mark to go on holidays often and being invited to speak at business events and being featured in Forbes Magazine.

Chat-GPT: Paulo Alcobia, an experienced business coach, had seen his fair share of clients over the years. But when Mark, a local plumber, approached him for guidance, Paulo knew he was about to take on a special project.

Mark had been running his own plumbing business for years, but he was struggling to grow. He was a one-man operation, doing everything from taking calls and scheduling appointments to doing the actual plumbing work himself. He was exhausted and overwhelmed, but he was determined to succeed.

Paulo knew that the key to Mark’s success was to help him build a team. They started by identifying Mark’s strengths and weaknesses, and then they began to delegate tasks to other members of the team. Paulo encouraged Mark to hire additional plumbers, as well as people to handle the administrative work, marketing, and customer service.

Together, Paulo and Mark worked on developing a clear vision for the business. They created a brand, a marketing plan, and a customer service strategy. They also put systems in place to ensure that everything ran smoothly, from scheduling appointments to managing finances.

Over time, the business began to grow rapidly. Mark’s reputation as a skilled plumber and a reliable businessman spread throughout Cambridge and beyond. As the team grew, Mark was able to take more time off and focus on the parts of the business he enjoyed most. He was even invited to speak at business events and featured in Forbes Magazine.

In less than three years, Mark’s business had transformed from a one-man operation to a thriving company with more than 20 plumbers on the team and an additional five team members handling everything else. The business was generating a turnover of 12 million pounds a year, and Mark was finally able to achieve the work-life balance he had been striving for.

Looking back, Mark knew that he couldn’t have done it without Paulo’s guidance and support. Paulo had helped him to see the big picture and develop a plan to get there. He had encouraged him when things got tough and celebrated with him when things went well.

Together, Paulo and Mark had turned a struggling plumbing business into one of the best in Cambridge. And it was all thanks to the power of coaching and a little bit of hard work.

Step 2 – improve it

You could probably use the story as is but you could also improve grammar, the style and add additional facts. See how to do that in steps four and five of this other post

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