Why Am I Not Making Any Sales?

Unless you are a seasoned marketer, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction and understand why your organization isn’t making any sales. For example, you must have been wondering what on earth the company was doing not making any sales in the quarter. If your team is not able to identify which channels are operating at a loss or under performance, you may feel like there’s something seriously wrong with your organization. But fear not! You don’t have to worry about what your team is thinking – just because they aren’t seeing results doesn’t mean they aren’t performing well enough to keep their job. It’s pretty common for new marketers to be more confused than ever about where they should put their energy when it comes to marketing. Here is how to help yourself avoid being led astray by the River of Doubt.

Start by saying “no” to the things you don’t understand

First things first – do your research. Get to know your target customers better than anyone else in the room. Make sure you know what they like, what they don’t like, and what they’re looking for and what can be fixed (read the reviews to improve your product or service). Beyond that, what worked in the past may not be a good idea anymore. If you’ve been into marketing longer than you’ve been able to remember, you may have encountered the misconception that every social media and digital marketing strategy is unique. In fact, most strategies are not unique in the way they work. Some are proven to work, while others are almost never going to work. Determine which tactics work best with your company and your customers, and stay clear of the ones that don’t.

What worked in the past may not be a good idea anymore

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do what worked in the past – it just means you have to put more thought into your strategy to keep it from working just in the moment. For example, you may have been focusing on the wrong target customer segment, or you may have chosen a strategy that was working for you, but is now serving another group that isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Start by identifying and removing the things that worked for you in the past. If your current strategy doesn’t work for every opportunity you get look at the data to get insight and tweak it step by step measuring continuously and little by little improvement you will come to a winning strategy.

Don’t tailor your marketing strategy to your business model

As amazing as social media and digital marketing agencies are, they don’t know anything about your business model. In fact, they probably have no idea what you do, who you are, or who you’re trying to sell to. So You must be an expert in analysing and criticizing a campaign before its launched. If you can’t get yourself to learn marketing copy and what to look for in a successful marketing campaign then hire someone that has proven themselves with results while working for a company that is similar to yours in size and market segment. This will increase your chances of success.

Ask yourself a few questions before you answer your first statement

When you’re feeling a little confused or lost, it can be really helpful to ask yourself a few questions before you start answering your first statement. These can be personal questions, industry questions, and questions about your competitors. Ask yourself these questions so you can start to identify any concerns or problems you’re not seeing yet. For example, if you’re wondering how any of these strategies are going to help your business make sales, you can start with these: – Are these the strategies that are working for me? – Why are some of these strategies working for me and not others?

Use data to your advantage

Data is the root of all troubles. It can help identify problems before they become problems, help you pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your energy, and help you create a personalized brand for each team member. While data is powerful, it should be used with the following caution: don’t put too much pressure on it. You don’t know if data will work for you the first time, or even the second time. So unless you have an incredible track record of results, you should never put too much pressure on data to guide your marketing strategy.

Establish and grow a personal brand for each team member

If you want to stand out as an expert in your field, it’s critical that each team member has a distinct personal brand that they use when communicating with the public. To create a distinct brand, you need to set a tone that will help you stand out and encourage other members of your industry to choose your brand. You can do this by setting visual and print Destination Brand Visuals, and then using those visual branding elements throughout your company. To make your brand stand out, you can use a variety of different strategies. Some brands may use a primary color to distinguish themselves from other brands. Other brands may use a nontraditional color scheme to distinguish themselves from other brands.


There’s no question that social media and digital marketing are vital to any business. But it’s important to recognize that these channels don’t work for everyone. If you’re part of a team that’s not seeing results from these channels, it can be difficult to tell which channels are operating at a loss or under performance. In fact, it can be hard to know whether or not you’re making any sales at all because there’s no clear-cut definition of what makes a “sales” success. As you can see from the results above, it’s important to identify which channels you’re operating at a loss or under performance and try to use that knowledge to your advantage. As you continue to identify channels that are operating at a loss or under performance and try to take action to correct them, you may find that you’re not always able to identify the cause. In that case, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with your organization. Before you make any drastic changes, it’s a good idea to identify the main causes of your problems and try to find a solution that works for all parties. Otherwise, you could end up with a business that isn’t successful because no one is ever going to buy your product.

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